Manor Farm, Steeple Aston

From the base - Manor Farm, Steeple Aston - we produce British Lamb & Beef which is reared on the farm's grazing land with additional grazing land rented on other holdings. All animals are kept to the highest welfare standards and animals are grazed outside nearly year round. We currently graze around 220 acres of farmland within a 5 mile radius of Steeple Aston. 


The main sheep flock consists of Suffolk X Mule ewes which are bred with Beltex rams.




We have recently invested in some MV accredited Beltex Rams which were introduced to the ewes in early November 2015, we await the spring progeny. 

Where to find us:

Clarke Farming Partnership Ltd. 

Midwinter Cottage

Steeple Aston

OX25 4RS

Phone: 07963874482


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