Park Farm & Manor Farm

From our bases - Park Farm, Kiddington & Manor Farm, Steeple Aston - we farm around 1000 ac primarily focussed on sheep and pedigree beef production.



The breeding sheep flock of around 1200 are predominantly North Country Mule and Scotch Mule females which are put to pedigree Texel and Suffolk rams. All rams are selected from MV accredited flocks and each have high EBV scores (top 5% for the breed). We lamb in March and April with all lambs 100% grass fed and sold through Rugby Farmers Mart. Some female lambs are retained for a year and run to shearlings and sold at Rugby Farmers Mart in the Autumn Breeding Sheep sales. Of the 1200 ewes 200 are fully organic and run on an organic farm nearby.


We run anually around 1000 homebred Texel X Mule ewe lambs and bought in NC Mule ewe lambs


We overwinter most of our sheep on cover crops on neighbouring farms. We are involved in an AHDB trial on sheep in arable rotations. Please see these links for more on this work:



The pedigree suckler herd of 80 breeding cows consists of 3 breeds, Aberdeen Angus, Herefords and Salers. All animals are served via artifical insemination in January and block calve in late Autumn.  Top quality genetics are bought through semen chosen specifically for each breeding cow. All beef animals are registered Hi-Health Status with breeding stock sold in the autumn via private sales, sellmylivestock and Rugby Farmers Mart.


All stock is farm assured via Red Tractor (conventional) or OF&G (organic).



Where to find us:

Clarke Farming Partnership

Midwinter Cottage

Steeple Aston

OX25 4RS

Phone: 07963874482 (Sam) 07799030490 (Charlotte)


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